Friday, 10 November 2017

My year 9 Social Studies experience

In Social Studies my personal favourite subject i have learnt and studied was finding out the problems of the environments in our Community. For eg. i have studied all about our waterways and why our waterways became a problem in our Community. It is because our waterways are being blocked by rubbish and the water is polluted, poisonous and unhealthy. A solution we came up with was to unblock the rubbish, clear the water to involution and to keep the water healthy and more clean. We are going to sustain our waterways, to change our waterways and to make our waterways more better. The things i should work on next time is to stick with the right people to learn with because some times i can easily get distracted and that will effect onto my learning. I should work on finishing my work and making the time at home to finish it off, and i should work on self concentration which means working by myself so that i don't fall into distractions. Social studies helped me with my life by putting some knowledge into my head and by learning and understanding more about our outside world, Community. It helped me by understanding and discovering more vocabulary.

Before i move onto year 10 i just want to give a big thank you to Ms Apelu for helping me in Social studies. I just want to say mad love even though you were so concentrated on the other people in our class but yeah just want to say thank you and i will miss you. I wish that i can get to be with you during my 5 years of life in Tamaki College so i can be taught by you because your my personal favourite teacher. Thank you!!


ApeluatT.C said...

Thank you for your lovely post Bruno! I have seen you grow as a confident young man who epitomises our R.I.S.E values. I am proud of your achievements in your learning and know that you are a leader who will go far! Kia kaha, kia toa!

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